FogGo™ ‐ durable and abrasion-resistant anti-fog coating

FogGo™ is a durable and abrasion-resistant anti-fog coating. Unlike currently available anti-fog coatings, FogGo™ does not degrade after multiple cycles of cleaning and use.



FogGo is an innovative anti-fog coating that is exceptionally durable outlasting other anti-fog coatings after many uses. FogGo imparts superhydrophilic characteristics to surfaces for anti-fogging properties. These properties derive from nanoscale materials with tunable surface chemistry.

Initially developed to prevent fogging on army face masks, FogGo is tough enough for other military personnel and civilian use. It is resistant to abrasion, cleaning chemicals and industrial solvents. It is optically clear for eyewear purposes. Its potential applications include swimming goggles, automotive headlamps, mirror demisting, supermarket refrigeration doors and solar panel light transmission enhancement.

Excellent Anti-Fogging Properties

Surfaces coated with FogGo are rendered superhydrophilic –droplets with a low contact angle, ⊖< 5°. The droplets make a thin wetted layer on the surface to prevent fogging. FogGo coated lenses have been tested according to EN 166:2001, resistance to fogging of oculars. A FogGo coating ensures a fog-free surface while maintaining required optical clarity.

Anti-Fog Performance of FogGo Coated (left) and Uncoated (right) Joint Service General Purpose Mask polyurethane visor.

Transition from Freezer to Room Temperature Joint Service General Purpose Mask polyurethane visor.

Abrasion Resistant

FogGo coated surfaces offer enhanced abrasion resistance when tested using Bayer and Taber Abrasion protocols.

Unimpaired Light Transmission

Light transmission is also improved on coated substrates. The FogGo coated surface is superhydrophilic preventing the formation of water droplets, which scatter light as it passes through the substrate. This in turn enhances light transmission through the coated surface.

FogGo coated lens: light does not scatter.

Transparent and Distortion-Free

Lenses coated with FogGo remain optically transparent and distortion-free. Since FogGo coatings are intended for eyewear, maintaining optical clarity is critical.

Chemical and Solvent Resistant

FogGo coatings survive exposure to field chemical contaminants and pooling with common industrial solvents without impairing optical properties.

Compatible with Multiple Substrates

FogGo is compatible with a variety of optically transparent substrates:

  • Polycarbonate (PC),
  • Polyurethane (PU),
  • Glass,
  • Polyamides


FogGo is tough enough to survive extreme environments. FogGo coating have weathered temperature extremes (-60 F to 160 F), thermal and mechanical shock and UV exposure without adversely impacting optical properties. The coatings also survived accelerated aging (4 cycles of 1 week each under desert, arctic and tropic conditions) without impacting optical properties and passed the ballistic protection test (MIL-DTL-43511D).


While originally developed for military protective eyewear, FogGo is versatile offering many benefits for many applications. FogGo can be applied to sport eyewear and equipment –especially in cold environments– automobile windshields and mirrors, optical imaging equipments –such as surveillance equipment or biomedical imaging cameras which might require maintenance– mirrors in bathrooms and solar panels.